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  • workers administration 3 avoiding troubles in troubeled times

    A lot shall depend on what will happen to class-consciousness in its confrontation with the living-conditions to be expected unther a further rule of capitalism (objective factors) A lot shall depend also on our ability to organise an the amount of objection within workers rangs themself.

                If Statereformism can keep capitalism goiing in times of depression, and an important number of proletarians, or independents whose livingconditions are effected in a negative way, will resist the proletarians that choose to organise in councils; then all kinds of proletarian propositions must avoid the civil war the bourgeois parts of society will eventually seek.

                The executive projects for managing society can be arranged as : work/food/housing/energy/telematics/transport/environment/production/


                I hope you understood this explanation. I know that different kinds of socialists are trying each to reach their goals in separated ways, basing themselves on different analyses of history. But do we not share the same goals and should we not learn to work together on a realistic an practical base, not just an academic one ?

                Wether you have but your believes in reaching the socialist transformation of society by means of bourgeois-democratic elections for propaganda-purposes or whether you are organising on another base; our class needs a program and an alternative way to organise and manage society. In the mean while we (in general) still get the politicians we 'deserve', because of our low degree of assertivism and because of the fact we still cling to bourgeois ideology , whether politically or emotionally.

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  • workers administration 1 a collective hierarchy


    Folowing a number of discussions going on on the internet and outside it, it seems to me a lot of controverse exists on the question of how a socialist project is to replace the system of exploitation and concurrency.

                Every group and all the not-organised individuals have their own ideas on this subject and the way alternatives are to be implemented.

    If such a system is to establish itself and wishes to survive, it cannot do without strictly defining the notion 'proletarian hierarchy'.

                According to me, proletarian dictatorship is not the rule of a party or the rule of the 'democratic centralism' of councils; or not a coalition between parties; but the coordinated action of the 'highest EXECUTIVE council of the internationally organised 'projects' (1 political legislative project called 'society' and 14 practical projects to manage society on a world base).

  • Revolutions so far were always of a reformist nature 1 part of total work

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