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  • Lesson from History-Leçons de l'Histoire and Alternatives tentoonstelling park Vredestoren EbenEmael tot juli 2018

    Divide and Rule-40 modern bourgeois concepts

    Say “everyone is equal”, act otherwise

    Give some workers early pension, others not

    Pay allowances according to degrees

    Divide people in too the language they speak

    Let private shareholders run public services

    Broadcast parties that support the division game

    Subside religions that keep people away from spirituality

    Organize elections : first the politicians, then the program

    Divide people by organizing unjust taxes

    Keep social security overcomplex

    Show horror images and do not explain the truth

    Get a lot of immigrants in too the country to divide people

    Don’t support cheap rents or social house building

    Translate being liberal in too the law of the richest groups

    Don’t give the impression that decent laws could better the world

    Don’t let the 99% get the idea that they could take power by telematics

    …or by organizing elections on an international program themselves

    …and then choose the conductors

    Surround yourself with people with connections to the bourgeoisie

    Make sure a lot of people stay poor

    Pay workers very different according to country and sector

    Speculate with wages, prices, resources

    Regroup and then make price monopolies

    Report a lot on right wing manifestations, give the impression they were many

    Control the bourgeois journalists and don’t talk about alternative media

    Try to blame progressive regimes for a lot

    Create a feeling of insecurity

    Don’t care about the rights of animals

    Give pharma industry and others benefits and save bankers

    Don’t let farmers just be farmers producing healthy things

    Control the kind of history that is being thought

    Support the entertainment industry and culture that keeps uncritical

    Use terrorist groups for the purposes of imperialism

    Don’t let ethics bother you, (embryos cannot take revenge?)

    Let capitalism put it’ s greedy hands on health insurance and other stuff

    Find ways in convincing people that paying 5% for a loan is normal…

    And O % as a rent for placing your money is not

    Make sure that people believe to have is more important than to be…

    And keep them working like fools, producing a lot of silly products

    Moral of this story :

    don’t be jealous of what your working class members gained,

    the purpose their intention is to keep us divided

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