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    I suggest that we should go further and demand worldwide military reconversion (see the list via Wikipedia ‘weapon factories worldwide’ an astonishing about 1000).  We can reach this goal by means of an international referendum and by inviting the Unions of labour forces to work out an action program to set up an international weapon strike in the weapon factories, starting somewhere---the other sectors of the unions could pay for this strike. 

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  • Greetings from 2064


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    I wrote a little futurist story of three pages to explain a new approach in dealing with the main world problems : main tool : international referendum on military reconversion --hope you will find some inspiration--Greetings from Belgium ps I wrote it in Dutch originally, translated it in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arab and Portugees.                            War : what to do about it ?  to allow the workers in the arms industry to strike comfortably for worldwide reconversion of the arms industry ... or wait until the world is ruled by a strong left ... and start a telematic world referendum ... or all three at once ... and how and by who ?

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    ps We are looking for an IT-er that can make a blog chain voting page on the program demands of the referendum

    Philosophical Resistance Belgium

    A 108 YEARS !

    It seems I became the oldest person in the world last week, 1 of may 2064  What a celebration. No, not like before with a lot of camera teams from all around the globe which would have blocked the mountain road to my Swedish chalet; no, the world is far more organised these days.  Each commune, each city is a member of a worldwide media network.  All people wanting to collaborate with it send the issues not purely related to the local community to a central media location in Stockholm that arranges the further distribution. Compared with the 20st century and the first decennia of the following century the difference in how people run society is enormous. 

    Everyone is connected with one or more projects of the global management system of society. Every project has it sectors.  For a job you can go to Housing, Energy, Food, Telecom, Education, Resources, Environment, Culture, Health, Goods, Distribution, Transport, Safety, Entertainment, Media and Money, Management System. HEFTERECHGDTSEMMM, kind of a Welsh word to mention them all at once. It was some kind of story, taking over the power from the old system.  l will tell you all about it later. Each project has it' s own following up within the project Media.

    The project Global Management System coordinates the 17 projects since the international revolutions around 1924 that put an end to all existing forms of oppression, barbarism and lots of absurd anachronistic situations. Changes were implemented that offered humanity real opportunities to lead more human lives.  The greediness of billionaires and their political and military staff were on the brink of starting a series of nuclear wars.

    Our current management system makes it possible for everyone to do the job you prefer.  We dont need ever growing economies any more to survive financially.  Most of our streets and our intercontinental high ways are connected by a magnetic system of public transport. A computer program calculates the demand of jobs for each project and on the basis of these figures the subscriptions of 14 from the 17 projects are calculated and taken of everyones account ones a month. So no pay in fact for taking the bus. Resources like water, gas, even food became common property, farmers get a decent wage so they arent slaves of bancs any more and even little farmers can restart their production.  In fact the scale and the way food was produced under the old system led to a loss of quality and unhealthy situations for both man and animals.  Private owners of resources are given a wage to work in one of the sectors of the project Resources or they can chose other projects to work in.                    The main criterium of evaluation is not in the first place how much you produce, but how good you feel in your job.

    In the projects Production of Goods and Distribution there isn't a subscription system and the private or cooperative owners of enterprises or shops are bound to follow a worldwide social taxation system where nobody can sheet. Little shop owners have grown in numbers as well and receive a wage for their social function.      Really big producers of goods are obliged to form one group for each kind of product, so there is no more competition.  Closures of factories are a thing of the past , except if there is no more demand for something.

    International, interconnected computer systems calculate the demand an d the price takes into account the wages of people. We could not do away with the system of wages in the areas of production and distribution of goods.  There was to much of a risk that the wealthier classes would turn against the process of restructuration and eventually would pay mercenaries to start social discontent campaigns. We did manage dough to abandon the speculation system and abolish the stock markets but wages and trade and money still exist, be it in an other form. In our education system we stretch a lot of importance to explain that to much consumption can destroy an even ecological production system and the need to move to a system were calculation of prices is no longer needed because people don't take to much of the products.  We know that we can arrange this in a telematic way in which the consumption of each individual or house is followed up, but it' s the attitude of people themselves that is important.  To put it briefly, we only use (digital) money to buy goods and for the rest we have subscriptions on every service. Even if we don't own a house, our rent is taken care of by the management system who pays the house owners a modest rent. That' s why a lot of houses are being sold, so they get cheaper.      The Global Management System provides enough digital money, so that's why there aren't budget cuts any more.

    Military production has ceased to exist, only the police has weapons.  This issue started the revolution in 1924.  People were fed up with the once who governed the world for the sakes of the big bourgeoisie. More and more groups challenged the military industry and the little group of billionaires who in fact owned the two third of the planet. More and more they hated the fact that they had total control over the State apparatus and that they kept the world in poverty and war, while polluting more and more and putting a price on every service and activity possible. The money inn those days more and more went to the banks that wanted to take over social security, pensions, homes and so on. Unemployed people were forced to work for very poor wages or for free, even by the new populist right wing parties claiming to replace the old classical parties.  They just wanted to save the old imperialistic way of thinking by putting the emphasis of political reflection on nationalism, racism you name it. 

    The right to work thus became a joke.  Everyone had different statutes, so divide and rule indeed ruled.           After the first big bank crisis in 2008, especially the most important imperialistic unities in war mongering prepared war after war with lots of unseen destruction and millions of displaced people as a consequence.  Masks fell, budgetary cuts, restrictions and all kind of absurd measures couldn't save the old democracy any more.        Poverty and war and the need to get as wealthy as in Western countries led millions to flew their countries of origin.  The bourgeoisie was even pleased about this development, they could use cheap labour and a division between people, leading to a strengthening of their right wing parties. War mongering layers of industry and goverment in the Western and Arab world preferred negotiating with right wing politicians to extend their greed more and more.

    And what about the left ? The left restricted itself to defensive tactics within the almost purely old capitalist system.  They did not take into account the how's and why's of all kind of subjective characteristics of people, of things that held them of from revolting.Religious people thinking that the left was for State Capitalism or 'atheistic'. The left did not have clear philosophical and political answers on these themes and no really alternative to propagate as managing society in a different way was concerned.  Parts of the population still taught capitalism was to rule for ever and they enjoyed the benefits of it, not seeing the dangers and the sand the 'building' was build on.

    A lot of groups were occupied with only partly solutions, nobody offered a global alternative. People in power were not afraid of manifestations.  Wars could have been prevented by class action, but that did not emerge.             The number of people with a social conscience and enough consciousness had to grow and grew, so that in the end they wanted to look for ways to stop wars and poverty and social security being attacked. In the end they organised in local and later international groups that wanted an international binding world referendum about the most urgent problems facing humanity.



    I could convince some of them to join their force in an organisation called CONSCIENCE. The English short word for 'Collective Organisation for New Simultaneous Cooperative International program & project Elections, Necessary to Create more Equality'.  Not bad for a Dutch Belgian hee !

    We wanted to get more and more people using their free time to involve in all those social and political matters and free time they more and more had, being thrown out of their jobs by automatization and so on.                They abandoned their habits of before, to much gaming, not enough reading good books and they didn't like their living conditions any more. As their numbers grew the political establishment started giving in to their demands mainly because the really leftist parties started taking bits of their programs too.  More and more people, even the not politically evolved as well started believing in a kind of democracy where first the global program was chosen and then in a second round the conductors, directly on the project lists.

    Once this idea grew still more popular the bourgeois parties tried to save the old system by forming government of national unity, promising that those would hold referenda themselves to deal with the demands of the revolutionaries.  But it was to late.  The idea of creating another system of elections had become to popular.         If people could choose the winner of the Euro song contest why wouldn't they have their say on war and social issues ? The referendum of CONSCIENCE had such a success that in the end it lead to an international conference of disarmament and the reconversion of the military industry.  The workers in those industries started making plans to make goods the people in poor countries really needed.  The leftist parties took the ideas to establish a new way in managing society over and won more worldwide elections with them from 1924 onwards, even before the new system was implemented officially. That's how the fundaments for our today's world in 2064 were made.

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  • Lesson from History-Leçons de l'Histoire and Alternatives tentoonstelling park Vredestoren EbenEmael tot juli 2018

    Divide and Rule-40 modern bourgeois concepts

    Say “everyone is equal”, act otherwise

    Give some workers early pension, others not

    Pay allowances according to degrees

    Divide people in too the language they speak

    Let private shareholders run public services

    Broadcast parties that support the division game

    Subside religions that keep people away from spirituality

    Organize elections : first the politicians, then the program

    Divide people by organizing unjust taxes

    Keep social security overcomplex

    Show horror images and do not explain the truth

    Get a lot of immigrants in too the country to divide people

    Don’t support cheap rents or social house building

    Translate being liberal in too the law of the richest groups

    Don’t give the impression that decent laws could better the world

    Don’t let the 99% get the idea that they could take power by telematics

    …or by organizing elections on an international program themselves

    …and then choose the conductors

    Surround yourself with people with connections to the bourgeoisie

    Make sure a lot of people stay poor

    Pay workers very different according to country and sector

    Speculate with wages, prices, resources

    Regroup and then make price monopolies

    Report a lot on right wing manifestations, give the impression they were many

    Control the bourgeois journalists and don’t talk about alternative media

    Try to blame progressive regimes for a lot

    Create a feeling of insecurity

    Don’t care about the rights of animals

    Give pharma industry and others benefits and save bankers

    Don’t let farmers just be farmers producing healthy things

    Control the kind of history that is being thought

    Support the entertainment industry and culture that keeps uncritical

    Use terrorist groups for the purposes of imperialism

    Don’t let ethics bother you, (embryos cannot take revenge?)

    Let capitalism put it’ s greedy hands on health insurance and other stuff

    Find ways in convincing people that paying 5% for a loan is normal…

    And O % as a rent for placing your money is not

    Make sure that people believe to have is more important than to be…

    And keep them working like fools, producing a lot of silly products

    Moral of this story :

    don’t be jealous of what your working class members gained,

    the purpose their intention is to keep us divided

    see also totality of my work, partly in English via :

    totaalwerk blogfilosoof :





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